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NLP Newcastle & the N.E.

Jayne Caldwell is a Master NLP (and EFT) Practitioner, practicing NLP in Newcastle.

Jayne finds NLP to be an extremely versatile set of tools for making lasting and 'real' changes with clients and personally.  She has her own unique intuitive style and, from her own personal journey she also has a deep understanding of how we learn (and how we sometimes must unlearn)  our mind programming. 

Jayne can be found practicing NLP in Newcastle City Centre (Clavering House) or home visits.

What are the benefits of NLP?

NLP is flexible - NLP can be used in a variety of different ways to help with a variety of different issues.
NLP is simple - most of the NLP techniques take minutes and are extremely simple.
NLP is quick acting - many effects take effect instantly and permanently; some may require a small number of repetitions, or variations.
NLP is painless, and involves no drugs NLP techniques often allow changes to occur quickly and easily and without drugs or any other medical intervention
NLP can be 'content free', with no personal details having to be offered.

Who uses NLP?

NLP is a widely practiced set of techniques, and can be used :
in personal life for personal development and success.
in education and training to help students learn.
in sports to gain a competitive edge.
in business, to improve communications, enable better management and leadership, and to increase sales.
by parents to help understand, communicate and assist their children.
anyone who interacts with other people.

What can NLP help me with?

NLP is a guide for attitudes, behaviours and beliefs designed to empower the individual. It gives choice - to choose behaviours and both physical and emotional states of well-being by understanding how the mind works and removing any self imposed limits. One of the strengths of NLP is its flexibility; NLP can be used to help with the following:

Remove unwanted feelings and replace with more resourceful states.
Remove negative thoughts and unhelpful thought patterns.
Change unwanted feelings and actions into more desirable thoughts and actions.
Remove bad habits, addictions and cravings.
Allow you to manage your emotions.
Increase self-confidence.
Manage stress.
Improve confidence and ability for public speaking.
Improve quality of sleep, and remove insomnia.
Increase motivation, remove procrastination.
Improve relationships.
Improve communication.
Remove fears and phobias.
Help to stop smoking.
Improve health and wellbeing.
Help with healthy eating and losing weight.
Many other situations.

Contact Jayne for NLP in Newcastle and the North

For more information about NLP & being in charge of your own mind, please contact Jayne at:

New Wave New Mind
Office: 0191 286 0663
Mbl: 0798 454 5518
Skype: JayneCaldwell5 

Would your problem still exist if you stopped thinking about it? Solve your problems and dis-solve the rest.

How would feel to be who you truly want to be, wouldn't you like to realise your greatest potential?

 "Whatever you think you are, or think you are not.. You are right” (Quote from Henry Ford)

Group Session: Pricing negotiable
One to One Session: £95 (max 2 hrs)
Rapid X=Y Session:  £28 (30 min)

Contact me, Jayne Caldwell on:
Office: 0191 2860663
Mobile: 0798 454 5518
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