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To the left you can find quotes to help in areas of your life.  Thoughts and words remain just that unless 'action' is taken

And Jayne's own writings

Depression Aware Wk.  Learn to :O) again.Experiences & thoughts have feelings attached and are stored and are changable! Choose your emotional responses wisely!
Everything you need to know about the brain from James May. 
In this moment now, are you living fully as you'd like? If not, check in on what's stopping you. "Knot your 'nots'
If stuck in a problem, try looking at it differently - literally. Imagine being on the outside of you looking in. Different?
Knot your nots, focus on ya gots til you've forgots. This is a MUST watch! No arms, no legs, no worries!!/photo.php?v=10151264598531316&set=vb.661866315&type=2&theater 
The idea of Abundance - Think of your want and let it go. Ran out of shampoo, happened to visit Mum same day who had a spare 9 (!) bottles
This girl is amazing and what a beautiful message to the world. WOW!
We all do and we don't, don't we. Get rid of your don'ts and your system will happily just do do dooby do Xx
Something you don't like about you or about another? How does this feel? "I'm OK & you're OK". Stop, say it again, and this time FEEL it :O)
If you are thinking too much (like argh!), try switching your focus from your mind to heart.
Did ya know, how you experience your world is based on your own 'back catalogue' of experiences? Wanna clear out + make space for the new?
Ever think/feel things that are less than helpful?These are just processes in your mind and can be terminated 4-eva!
Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign - IF the G8 were kids: 
Perception: How we view affects how we feel. For anyone 'Breaking away'. Watch, listen but think..... BISCUITS!!! 
13.02.13 (updated from 31.10.11)
Sometimes all we need is a change of friends, a change of environment…. Change your mind and you may find that your environment and friendships change anyway!
If you open a heart shape it can look like a bird flying. Got me thinking about opening our hearts more and finding out how far we can fly!
"Thoughts and words are only as good as the action we take".... Action really does speak louder than words, doesn't it :O)
15th Dec 12
"For my best friend, who's heart is currently breaking:- "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" Lovely quote by Elizabeth Richardson.... And, my thoughts.... By using the word 'first' love, by definition, we can assume that there'll certainly be, a '2nd'.................. at the very least!!!! (woo hoo!!) Life's for living best pal, I love you :O) xx"
25th Sept 2012
Whatever we feed is what grows and affects us all, especially emotional energy, I feel. I wonder sometimes with friends. "Do I feel better or worse around them" and "Do I think this person would like to see me win or lose". If not "Can we both learn to improve things" - "Do I stay or do I go". If the answers are postive, happy days! Life's for living :O)
24th September
"If love is a table, truth's the legs holding love up" Howay to Honesty. "Lie to me once and I'll assume everything you say is a lie" Uncle Terry, ex Detective, when talking to a suspected criminal.
5th September
Clothes always pong after cutting onions up. Nee point spraying with perfume. Only way is clean the clothes and go change. It's the same with those unhelpful patterns that we run in our heads that make us feel and think bad things. Only way to sort it is to go change and clean up.. Or don’t go change and clean up... Your choice of course.
4th September
Pay attention for information and misinformation.. If its not feeling right, it just might be wrong!
30th August
My Son, Ciaran, the other day: "Mam, now that I’m getting stronger, things that seemed heavy now feel lighter".... Yes, sweetheart, and that’s the same for your mind my love :0)
31st August
So when you have a product that is 'mutts nuts' it may be decided that, for example, it becomes 'exclusive' to Harrods (for example).. This retains the 'highest value' of the product. There is now a binded 'contract' of 'exclusivity' that 'will be honoured' for as long as both parties agree and will be reviewed as and when between both parties, any changes, improvements or otherwise agreed between 'both parties'...... For me, it's the same for that 'special relationship'....... if it's an open and honest one.
31st August
"When two people connect so strongly for eachother that even one thought for eachother makes their whole system come alive, as in a 'soulmate', then my thoughts are (and it's just an opinion!) 'be together'... the rest is just Logistics". However, a person may be connected enough to find these deep connections with more than one and in this case, it's not so much the Logistics Dept., but Sales/Mkting and the 'Legal' department as then, it seems, it may be about 'contracts'... oh for honesty and honour!
25th August
After paying attention at a recent focus group. My thoughts on Socrates
In the conscious world, it seems, wisdom breeds goodness and lacking (stupidity even) breeds evil (for want of better words!). So, we only know what we know and we only know when we know and, when we do know, we begin to know that really, we know NOUT, in the whole scheme of things, it seems, we are all students

SO, WHO KNOWS??!!! And, as Socrates said "I only know that I know nothing"

In the unconscious world, it seems, there is not right or wrong as such, maybe it's just an enery thing and maybe


And yet, it also seems that there may be a partnership of conscious and unconscious, for constant change and re-calibration to a higher or lower level of being and maybe it's about


And, about consciousness, it seems a powerful 'thing' that binds us all together. As a school of fish, when they’re shoaling, where if one swims left so do all, if one swims up, so do all. They do not swim as individuals but as a connected 'whole'. So maybe we, as a consciousness are not really 'individuals' at all and are not really separated but, instead are actually all connected and are affected, for better or worse, by eachothers thoughts and feelings. Perhaps, as in a jigsaw,


Here's to finding the truth!

25th August
There's a guy that I see every Monday, he's the loviest man that I've ever met in my life. I call him 'wax on wax off' as he reminds me of Mr Miyagi (I could never tell him that to his face as I'm not sure that I could explain that correctly to him). I learn so much from him. His wife is very ill and probably dying, his son, who was a phd student was in a car crash that triggered some crazy brain desease. And yet, he never complains, he never offloads or shares his sadness etc, he continues to see the best in life and sees life as such a gift... As I say, I'm learning so much from him. And, a few weeks ago, he gave me the best compliment that I have EVER received in my life, EVER EVER, he said that he wished that I was his daughter, WOW, thank you my Mr Miyagi :O)))))
21st August
Mind Development basic NLP technique:- This is for Couples who may be going through wobbly times:- Remember a time when you've loved your wife (or hubs) the most, totally the best ever memory. Now imagine it vividly, as if you're there right now, seeing, listening and especially feeling what you felt - now feel that lovely feeling and spin in stronger, feeling it right now, bringing it to this moment now, with your wife (or hubs) now and on into your future life together... Awww, nice yes? Now do this again and again and it will work better the more you try (like training a dog, repetition in the key). Life's for living :O)
20th July
Sometimes the seemingly cruelist of gesture can turn out to be the most kindest sweetest one you will ever receive, wow! Cruel to be kind.... in the right measure of course.
20th July
'lead us not into temptation'. So when faced with a 'fork in the road' what to choose. If we quieten our minds enough,sssssssssssh, we hear our own 'voice of wisdom' that may say 'somethings iffy here' or 'this does not feel quite right', for example. If we focus on this voice we can reason with potential actions/consequences/new options etc., now we have a more informed choice. Whatever paths/...roads we take in life are the result of our own thoughts and intent, our responsibility. We can choose this path or that or t'other! Whatever we choose there are learnings to be had and once the lessons are learned we realise that that lovely inner voice of wisdom always seems to be right...... Happy travelling :0)
Imagine your strongest most confident feelings you can imagine, so confident and strong, feel strength in your tummy, imagine being as strong as the strongest thing you can imagine... emote these feelings supercharged and imagine sending those fab feelings to that first trigger memory... do this and do it again and again and you will begin to re-programme yourself - it gets easier the more you do it - be determined and strong and you will do it.. really believe in yourself and you will change."
Love for life...... not just for Christmas :O)
Emotions tell the story - when emotions are present there's no need for further words... Music can help evoke emotions.. Love this from Robbie Williams, the emotion at the end of the song tells more than a thousand words"
((‎"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and, above all, those that live without love" Professor Dumbledore (Harry Potter by J K Rowling)"))
Children and animals have it right, I feel.... because they just BE in every moment (without negative programming that is 'learnt' throughout our lives.. without thinking of 'past' and 'future')... Just 'in the moment' in every moment"
Anyone brave enough to allow people to see ALL that you are?"
"children in need night tonight! Let's spare a thought or more for kids everywhere!!! :O)
Be still but don't stand still. JC 11/11/11
"I'm like a dog with a bone - my unconscious gives me the answers that I'm looking for when I'm ready... but only when I'm ready... The answers are all there, we just have to start asking the questions.... Get curious :O))))))"
"For anyone who doesn't know what 'affirmations' are (helps balance any negatives)"
"Basic science shows that energy synchronises. Remember the moving metal balls, start off jumbled, chaotic and then sychronise into an ordered pattern). This is energy. We are energy. We all can sychronise our best emotional energies if we choose it... letting go of negatives and focussing to the best of our abilities on our positives with as many positive interations as possible with others.. we all could be better at that, you think?!! :O)"
"So if a lion is capable of this much love then so is EVERY human being in the world... if we keep ourselves in a position of love we're in a much better state to help the ones who are lost or fallen."
Patient: Doc, I think I may only have 59 seconds to live Doctor, I'll see you in a minute. Never leave your destiny up to someone else. If you want to get on the boat, buy the ticket and get on the flippin' boat. Life always offers opportunities, never let any go, seize them with both hands... Get on that boat!
"Be careful what company you choose. Listen to the words people speak. Today I heard a, so called, Therapist say to a lady in a sensitive state "It's not that you're mad or anything". The deep processing brain takes language literally and hears It's not that..... YOU'RE MAD". There are good Therapists and not so good ones. There are good friends and not so good ones. Choose wisely and make changes if need be... and be careful with words! :O)"
So how much of a resource can our brains really be? (Well I'm currently learning from my kids to be fair!)... The Pineal Gland seems to be a pretty useful tool though too. Interested? Read on! "
Amazing words from children:- My 7yr old son, said today that he can help his friend to make decisions by looking into his eyes when he's not looking, getting his brain to help him with the answer for him then sending it out to his friend.. Hmmmmm?!
31.10.11 (.. updated 13/02/13)
Sometimes all we need is a change of friends, a change of environment…. Change your mind and you may find that your environment and friendships change anyway!
wierdness, maybe just a path that another hasn't yet walked.. yet... Everything feels weird to us until we learn and synchronise it.. and then it becomes natural... then it 'just is'
Change is an 'ongoing' thing (infinate really, just like our universe, infinately expanding). So, who knows where the changes will lead us... remember that we steer our OWN vehicle, our "choices" are limitless. Be the best 'You' you can be... Happy Days!
S H I N E:- "The brightest stars come out in the darkest of nights" - We can all have it all :O) x"
"In any instance where we can't see the wood for the trees, or feel sad, or anger, or whatever, how about, look up to the sky (us little dots of energy that we are in this huge universe), does it 'really' matter? We all breathe the same air.... We're all connected anyhow.... It's the same sunrise if we all just look to the sky (love Take That!!) :O)"
"Move from problem solver to solution finder.. then jump out of the box completely and realise that it was all just a little trap of thought anyway (those silly old brain patterns of ours!) :O)"
"Yes... it seems, if we give things 'solidity' then perhaps it's easier for us to comprehend stuff, and prove stuff.... and 'complicate' stuff too :O)"
Visited a mental hospital the other day and wasn't admitted... so that was a bonus
Even when the sea looks its calmest,matters not, its the undercurrent that makes that makes the difference. Sort out your undercurrents :O
If you live from a state of consequences then it's a damning world. If you live from a state of opportunities then the world's your oyster :O)
"Yes, there's a lot to be said about just 'being'... if we have a direction we will get there in an organic way.. letting nature take it's course.. and enjoying the moments! :O)"
"Miracles.... a natural part of our growth :O) xx"
Change uselessness into usefulness... BE A FIREWORK! :O) …
Emotional Mngmnt: The highest emotional states Love/laughter. Check the emotions that work for you and your system and mix for SuperStates
Love this video. 'Everyone has the same amount of blood' he says, so true.... We are all human beings who have access to all the same fantastic things that life has to offer... Some people, for any number of reasons, just need more help than others in finding those things... My wish of the day.... Let the strong be aware and kind enough to help the weak to be strong again too.. We can be a stronger healthier world unit if we choose it!"
"Emotional Management:- Realise the emotions that work well for you and your system, multiple the feelings, and mix them together for Super States... You can do this in your head then roll them out into your life. Happy Mixing! :O)"
"Children are our bestest teachers :O)))))))))"
How can a hamster do anything else when it's on that flippin' hamster wheel Is it time for you to jump off yr wheel & go explore new things
If you want to be happy. Step out of the wood, so you can see all the trees and understand you can do and be anything you WANT.
Appreciation is a fab thing when you have it 'before' losing anything :O) x
Whatever we do, it's easier when we make it an 'organic process' Jayne :O
Emotions are signal to take action, or accept something, use them and then let them go :O)
Be the 'cause' not the 'affect' of your own life
How about imagining fantastic things and live those feelings and they will appear in our realities :
Teachers are all still students.... we are all learning! :O)
Sometimes a 'rethink' on friends is what's needed.. there are 'like people' out there! :O)
'Authentic genius'... How true, to reach your true genius, be authentic
An old boss once said to me "Jayne, never, ever lose your sense of humour".... oh, but there have been times!!
Blog Autumn Equinox
A new friend asked me the other day: "What's your worst case scenario" and now I have my answer. My worst case scenario is actually where I've been; my best case is where I'm going. :O) xx
"Wow, this guy uses his guitar as a drum too, hey, why not!.... talk about using your resources to the max, love it!
It's easy to feel 'on top of the world' when you are actually 'at' the top of your world. The challenge is to feel on top of the world when you are at the bottom. Now someone already up there may be aware enough and kind enough and strong enough to help pull you up and you may find them and be strong enough to reach out to that person. If you want that enough though you can force this hand, looking up, smiling, laughing, imagining the best future you can (the physicality of this is enough to start changes in our minds) - this will act as a catalyst for you. Otherwise, you can also take it in increments and it'll be a natural organic process. Whichever way, you'll get there... be determined!
"Scientists generally are now starting to figure out, it seems, what Dr Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP and Scientist) has understood way before... That, it seems, we, as a whole universe, are all connected energetically... Basically, we are all one, at some level... Whatever we think/feel/do, there, apparently, will be an effect/change on some level with other beings... And, how we perceive reality, is based wholely on our internal thoughts/feelings and in relation to others thoughts/feelings.... internal processing (based on accumulation of life experiences and connections with others)... Interesting? :O)"
"Hey, with the UK schooling system, our kids need all the help they can get,may play this.. (sorry to teachers, it's just that when my 5yr old brings homework home and has missed playtime to finish work off then you realise how mad life can be... they're still babies and they have more of a full-time job than I do!)"
Wondering if my 7yr old has been on an NLP course. Talking about his 'old' friend the other day "Well, she used to be lovely, but she's not now, but she still is really the same as she was, on the inside of her" and today, doing his timestables, "I just put my head into Big Scott's head (his older friend) and then I could do my 8 times table".... hmmmmm, really Ciaran, wow! :O)"
Any perceived negative comes from a source, at some point and can be altered to a more positive way... We can all be better if we choose it :O)"
Anyone else feel that we are more than we think we are?"
"‎"I love to share my space with fantastic people who do fantastic things, not just because it feels good but because I believe in Maths, Physics and the Osmosis of energyIt's  like the opposite of the domino effect, instead of each piece getting knocked down, using the law of gravity, each piece, with a knock on effect, can be energised, one by one, lifted up to their most upright position. Anyhow, what do you believe in? :O) "
"‎FORGIVE” send compassion and understanding to the memories where you received the least, and, “FORGET” everything that went before (hey, if you're going to think and feel anything, might as well be nice things.. it feels better you think?), take only the good things and any lessons learned... There's only right NOW, this very moment right now only. Awaken all your senses to the max to be totally alive right now.... 'Dance dance, wherever you may be' :O)"
Every day should be peaceful... silly world! Xx
Love is essential... I like that word, essential, two syllables isn't it" (2 words.. ascend all!)
The whole is the sum of all of it's parts - clean up your parts to be whole again :O)
The best coaches/change workers/teachers/parents and the like, lead from the heart, I feel, and not the head
"‎The biggest challenge that I know of in life is to combat oneself, you against you".
"Patterns in our own mind is like travelling through a volatile space, through many treacherous black holes, seducingly endevouring to suck us back to the beginning. If we presevere though, we reach the light at the end of all of these tunnels. Once through them all we never need to return - we have all the light we ever need and more. me"
"Peoples' patterns in their minds is like travelling through fog, once you get through them you can get to the sunshine. me"
Damned headache.. I'll get you, you little trickster
"Thank you BIG TIME Adrian and Tina. Just what I've been looking for and at just the right time (or course). I've just been talking about how we are all connected and thinking that, when science, religions and sprituality unfold to read from the same hymn book we may start to realise what the heck this is all about.. At last, Science is catching up with what Dr Richard Bandler and the likes I'm sure are aware of alreadyl. Come on us world, wakey wakey, lets be amazing!!!"
How about getting back to INSTINCTS we work much better that way. Who the heck started the myth that just using 'intellect' was clever anyway... we are MUCH more than that, much more. Lets stop 'dumbing down' by just being 'intellectual', lets be full sensory beings and really start LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"This song is #2 in Top Ten:- To all the people who've made a negative impact on my life, I'm learning to forgive you, and me, and thanks for the lessons learned. To the ones who've made a positive impact in my life... I'm glad you came, into my life (appreciation is a lovely thing isn't it!) :O) xx"
Best technique for me to date is:- Bring in a strong positive resource (NLP technique), feeling, whilst also having negative feeling in mind, with or without conscience image/s. Feeling 'only' positive resource whilst also asking, in two words, to let go of negative one in mind, (eg. sad go). At the same time moving my eyes from left to as far right as they will go, as if going way way 'past' (I'm left handed - suggest opposite eye movement for right handed.. and also go with what 'feels' right). For any negatives difficult to move (tricky stickys!) I then EFT tap the area that seems to need the most attention (eg. has normally been above my right eye for me), or full round of EFT pressure point tapping. Note: This full technique may take some practice and people unfamiliar with NLP/EFT techniques may want to work up to this.
If today Was Your Last Day: If Today Was Your Last Day
"If today was your last day, and tomorrow was too late, would you say goodbye to yesterday?"
"Oh I've cried and screamed, been scared and more; found emotions in there that I'd never realised existed within me and now, today, for the first time since I can remember, I feel total peace, I'm at the end of 'that' tunnel and ready to tackle any remaining negative emotional pop ups if/when they appear.. time to be 'just me'! Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!"
"Oh, how funny, just went into the link for Get The Life You Want, with Dr Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna and my little 4yr old, Scott said, hey, there's Morecombe & Wise... Well, close Scottie, they are another amazing double act, hee hee!"
"Awww, our 2010 Master Prac class... There's been lots of unprocessing and re-processing and upgrading going on - and still is."
"A men!!!!!! This really saddens me. Leave our kids alone, as the Beetles wisely said "Let it Be"!!!!!!!!"
Whether your resolution is moving towards something positive, or getting away from something negative, we must focus on what we DO want (the moving toward bit). Eg. Don’t focus on not being fat. Focus on being thin/healthy/toned. To find out more, go to
FRIENDS. The real ones help you change into more than you ever thought you could be/achieve.
Isn't it fantastic to begin something new & exciting. For me, this is my new personal development business and I love my work. What is it that you love? How can you bring that something that you love into your life more & more? When you look to your future, what's the best 'you' that you can imagine & how can you be the best 'You' you can be.



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