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About me

I am a Personal Development Consultant, qualified licensed NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Practitioner.

I have a passion for helping people tranform your lives and your minds using cutting edge personal development techniques that 'work'.

And, I have a life time of experience -I've been there.  I'm an expert in 'bad programming'.  I know, through experience, how disabling our own processes can be and also how fantastically enabling they can be also.

I grew up on a council estate in Sunderland.  My main role models (who we learn most of our processes from) were an Abusive father and a mentally ill Mother.  Growing up I saw domestic violence, suicide attempts, lots of hate, anger and more.  And, personally, my environment became a scary place for me.  At 18 yrs old I finally left home, outcasted from even my closest extended family.  A lonely place to be, I learnt depression, stress, anxiety, oh how many more labels could I list?  I learnt to scare myself to death on a daily basis and without emotional support, had to deal with all of my internal emotional turmoil and challenges alone mostly.

Well, that was then. :o)

I totally transformed myself after learning amazing tools and techniques, especially Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) and I continue to learn and grow.  My motto is 'be the best 'you' you can be'; it's ongoing.

Change your mind; change your world.

So, for me, it's about taking responsibility.

- Education, not medication
- Motivation, action, momentum, not inertia
- Being and making a difference, not being indifferent
- Moving towards better things; moving away from other things

And, it's about finding your keys to open your own doors -  and emptying trash along the way.

I've trained with the best personal change gurus in the world, Dr. Richard Bandler (Scientist, author, co-creator of NLP), world renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna, John La Valle, Kathryn La Valle, Michael Neil, Jamie Smart, and homegrown international coaches in Matt Hudson, Adrian Brown, Nigel Hetherington.

Amazing people that I am so thankful to have met, especially mentor/friend Matt Hudson so, even at my most hellish times, I knew I was never really alone.

My experience and understanding covers eliminating traumas, anxieties, phobias and many more behavioural patterns.  The techniques will help you to move beyond limitations to enhance your life and reach your full potential.

Group Session: Pricing negotiable
One to One Session: £95 (max 2 hrs)
Rapid X=Y Session:  £28 (30 min)

So, for the price of a 'canny' posh hair do' (or a quick set), or a snazzy new shirt, you can jump start yourself, be catalyst for you own positive change and invest in your best asset - You!  How does that sound?

Contact me, Jayne Caldwell on:
Telephone: 0191 2860663
Skype: JayneCaldwell5

 Jayne Caldwell


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