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About EFT

One of the simplest approaches to personal change that has ever been developed.

In the 1970's, psychologist Roger Callaghan by
chance discovered a phobia cure by  tapping on
an acupressure point and went on to develop
TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

Callaghan's work was later developed into a
simpler model by an engineer called Gary Craig,
this was to be known as EFT
(Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT is simply a process of lightly tapping various points on the body whilst maintaining focus, usually resulting in a somewhat magical disappearance of the problem.

EFT has been taken to a new level by Silvia Hartmann with her development of Emotrance.

Please visit the Association of Meridian Therapies' web site for a more detailed insight into these groundbreaking approaches.

Click to watch Gary Craig’s introduction video to EFT.